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Flagging Services

Flaggers Inc. is one of the preeminent traffic control flagging companies in the Rocky Mountain region, and can handle any size job. We provide traffic control flaggers for construction companies throughout the the state of Colorado.

We train and certify all our employees to the highest standards. We do provide Temp-to-Hire workers as needed. Our employees are and will have the following attributes:

Punctuality – All Flaggers are dispatched on a nightly hotline. They are required to show up 15 minutes early to a jobsite and be ready with PPE on and Paddle in hands at the assigned start time. Consistent tardiness is grounds for termination and will not be tolerated. All Flaggers Inc employees are informed during orientation that our policy requires them to notify us if they need to leave at a certain time, BEFORE being placed in position. This will eliminate any non-emergency inconsistencies and unnecessary personnel changes.
Qualified – Not only are all Flaggers Inc flaggers CDOT certified, but they are given additional training during orientation. During orientation we have a seasoned flagger give instruction of practical application of on the job training and paddle signals. Then all new flaggers role play several different scenarios. A new flagger will always be placed with an experienced and seasoned flagger for several days in a slower flagging position. Flaggers Inc will stay in daily contact with the experienced flagger to keep updated on the new flagger’s progress and skill level.
Prepared – Flaggers Inc aids in the daily preparedness of its Flaggers and Laborers by giving a brief overview of the local weather forecast on the nightly hotline. We list items that will help them be properly prepared for any and all scenarios that may arise. Including but not limited to, PPE, Clothing, food, water, and for those traveling to the mountains, an overnight bag just in case inclement weather prevents them from coming home. Flaggers Inc provides all PPE (i.e. Hard Hats, Vests (Class 3), and Safety glasses) and replaces all worn out and lost PPE to its employees at all times.
Attitude- Work Ethic is priority. All our Flaggers are given scenarios and asked to answer questions during the interview process. They are taught to be non-confrontational and understand that every supervisor/jobsite is different. All Flaggers Inc flaggers are taught to conform graciously to whoever is overseeing their assigned jobsite. By presenting them with actual situations in orientation, and how to handle them, we arm them with the tools to remain professional in all situations.
Consistency- Our business model is set up for just this. We are NOT a day labor company. All Flaggers Inc employees are hired as W-2 employees and are expected to be available to Flaggers Inc for work EVERYDAY. They are provided a weekly paycheck and therefore this motivates them to remain consistent on jobsites. Our policies state that all employees are required to call the hotline EVERY night and check in. If we do not hear from an employee over a span of 4 days, they are terminated as they have then displayed inconsistency and disregard for Flaggers Inc. company policy.



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